What is O Soleil about?

We want O Soleil to be a conversation starter, a hub for new ideas and a space that promotes health, happiness, and love – love for ourselves, love for others and love for our planet. 

This is why we anchored O Soleil around 3 values & principles we strongly believe in and try to live by:

  • Nurturing happy little feet: We want to deliver products that both captivate the eye and provide the adequate support and comfort that little soles need in their development years. Our shoes have been carefully curated with kids’ wellbeing in mind. We understand what the young ones are looking for in terms of styles, colors and uniqueness. While we made sure to offer that, we also want to give parents the peace of mind that their precious ones are wearing shoes that are high quality, sturdy and comfortable.


  • Caring for the planet: We believe that the future of our planet lies with the young generations of today. They need to be the drivers of a better, more sustainable, greener planet. As parents, we are on a mission to instill these principles in our children and help them understand the impact they can have on our environment. With that in mind, we committed to remove the use of plastics from all O Soleil packaging. We created reusable tote bags with a checklist reminder for every child and parent on our principles & commitment. We are pushing to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing shipment frequency and consolidating order as much as possible. And we are adopting reusable fabric instead of wrapping paper. Most importantly, we are encouraging parents and children to join us on this journey. Through our website and social media we will be promoting, sharing and celebrating ideas to reuse shoe boxes and repurpose them for other use.


  • Caring for one another: While this sounds like a relatively simple principle, we found it increasingly difficult to explain to our littles ones that not all children in the world have access to basics from food to water to clothes to shoes to wear and walk in. At  O Soleil, we want to grow this conversation within our own families and also support other families to have these conversations.


We also want to take it a step further, by involving our children in the act of sharing: Pick a pair of shoes that they have outgrown, that is still in a good condition and can be passed on, write a small note with a happy memory that these shoes have brought to them and share it with another child in need. Our job? To facilitate the process for our community. We are happy to support parents identify charities that will take these shoes, pass them onto a child in need and share back the picture of a happy little face wearing shoes they have just received.

We want O Soleil to become a community of like-minded parents and children with big dreams and big hopes for a happier, cleaner, greener and more compassionate world. It may be a small community but we know it can be an impactful one!

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