How to choose the right shoes for your child?

Wondering how to ensure that your choice of footwear is the best for your child?

When you shop for your kids, do you get overwhelmed with shoe choices?

Do you get tempted to go for the most adorable fashionable pair and not taking into priority the fit and the function?

We’ve always wanted to find the right footwear that are helpful and not harmful as our little ones continue learning to walk with the utmost health and mobility keeping in mind their comfort and level of activity.

Let us share with you some hints and tips to remember when choosing the next pair for your child:

  • Construction of the shoe: The upper should be made of breathable materials, such as leather, mesh or canvas. Try to avoid man-made materials such as plastic. Go for the lightweight, absorbent and breathable insole and check the potential shoe to have toe flexibility, stiff heel and a rigid middle. For the shoe to provide traction, cushioning and flexibility, the outer sole should be patterned or textured and not thick to help prevent your child from easily slipping on slick surfaces.
  • Fit: It’s probably tempting to buy shoes that are too big with the rate children outgrow shoes, but you should never buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your child. Feet should be measured while standing, and always have both feet measured. If the shoe has a removable insert, take it out and have your child stand on it to give you a better sense of how much room there is. With your child’s heel at the back of the insert, there should be about one-half inch of space between your child’s toes and the front of the insert
  • Age-appropriateness: Each age group and its stage of development require a different shoe.

“Comfort over style should be the thumb-rule while choosing your child’s footwear!”


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